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About Master Guru Online

“We went from 78.6% to 86.2% passing.  The only thing we did differently was use Master Guru!”
Ms. Elaine MoonPrincipal
Thomas Marks Elementary, Wilson, NY

“We consider Master Guru an important component of our New York State test preparations. We have seen improvement in The NYS test scores in 4th grade since we started using Master Guru. We find that students feel more familiar, and relaxed with the tests, due to their practice using Mater Guru. I would recommend it for schools looking for another tool in their test preparation process.”
Specific Comments on the software Master Guru:

  • “Master Guru is very helpful in providing the classroom teacher with information on ‘needy’ areas for the entire class or individual students.”
  • “The Master Guru flash cards provide the drill students need in a fun manner.”
  • “Master Guru offers the opportunity to climb the ladder of academic success at an individual pace.”
  • “The Master Guru game provides ‘healthy’ competition.”
  • “Students are eager to use Master Guru and ask to ‘play’ during free time in addition to the scheduled time for guided use of Master Guru; about ½ hour during each six-day cycle.”

Ms. Donna Miller – Computer Lab Teacher
Madrid-Waddington Central School, Madrid, NY

“I can tell that a lot of time and effort went into the preparation of the game.  All of the questions were appropriate.”

Jeanne Feldman – 4th Grade Teacher
Jefferson Road Elementary, Pittsford, NY

“The questions in Master Guru were dead on.”

Ms. Bonnie Moser – 4th Grade Team Coordinator
Country Parkway Elementary, Williamsville, NY

“Our teachers use it as an ‘interest center’ in our schools.”

Dr. Ada Grybowski – Superintendent
Albion Central School District, Albion, NY

“Our teachers are very pleased with the game.  They requested additional copies so that’s why I’m ordering more.”

Ms. Molly Pressey – Principal
Madrid Waddington Elementary, Madrid, NY

“We LOVE Master Guru.  I have tried the game with our kids, our kids’ friends, our scout troop, our school, our school’s teachers, and they all love the game.”

Ms. Tami Sherry – PTA President
Shaker Road Elementary, Loudonville, NY

“This game is good!  I love this game.  We play it all the time.”

Mr. Mark Hodges – Former WEPTA President and a 4th Grade Parent - Watervliet Elementary, Watervliet, NY

“Is it normal for a child to ask for an educational game for Christmas?!”

Ms. Debbie Sweeney – Teacher and 4th Grade Parent
Newfane, NY

“My kids love Master Guru.  They want to play it every night!  I’m not kidding!”

Ms. Danielle White – 4th Grade Parent
Ballston Spa, NY

“I wanted to tell you that Master Guru is a very, very, very, very, very, fun game!”

Benjamin J. Colaneri – 4th Grade Student
Hoosic Valley Elementary, Schaghticoke, NY

“I can’t wait ‘til I get the game.  I hope to get it soon.  It is very fun.  I know from playing in school.”

Andrew Townsend – 4th Grade Student
Hoosic Valley Elementary, Schaghticoke, NY

“My three daughters (9, 12, and 13 years old) loved playing the board game and CD.  Thank you for a game that is enjoyable yet educational…the children LOVE IT!”

Ms. Pam Watson – PTA President and 4th Grade Parent
Parish Elementary, Parish, NY

“The kids love the game in my room.  I can’t wait to see the 5th Grade version.”

Ms. Sue Dewey – 4th/5th Grade Teacher
Jefferson Elementary School, Kenmore, NY

“We have the game in five after school programs and the kids are really enjoying it.  The kids themselves ask, ‘Can we play Master Guru?’  It builds their confidence as they successfully answer the questions correctly.  Even if they get the questions wrong, they are still learning.”

Ms. Laurie Ferris – Director of Programs
Lockport YMCA, Lockport, NY

“We have parents that are very involved in their child’s education.  Master Guru makes it easy for these parents to engage in their child’s education and at the same time, make it fun.”

Ms. Jean White – Director of Children’s Programs
Lockport Public Library, Lockport, NY

“My teachers have found Master Guru wonderfully helpful.”

Ms. Barbara Lightstone – Principal
Edward J. Bosti Elementary, Bohemia, NY

“We play the game during recess.  The kids really get into the game.  They love playing it.”

Ms. Meg Thompson – 4th Grade Teacher
Thomas Marks Elementary School, Wilson, NY

“It is definitely an asset to have Master Guru as a supplemental teaching tool in the classroom.”

Ms. Anne Dobbelaere – 4th Grade Team Coordinator
Edward Smith Elementary School, Syracuse, NY

“I am SO EXCITED for these games!”

Ms. Tiffany Martin – Director of Programs
Rome YMCA, Rome, NY

“We are using Master Guru in our STARS 2002 program.  People LOVE it!”

Ms. Nikki Slater – Former Director of Educational Technology
Syracuse City School District, Syracuse, NY

“I passed the game on to one of my friend’s family and they loved it, loved it, loved it.  They felt like it really helped their daughter.  I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about it.”

Ms. Katie BaileyBinghamton City School District
Binghamton, NY

“That (Game Night) was a great presentation.  This (Master Guru) is a great game.”

Ms. Jean Piegari – 4th Grade Parent
Daniel Street Elementary, Lindenhurst, NY

“The game (Master Guru) is really engaging.  It’s a really good piece (of software).”

Ms. Marsha Phillips – Teacher
Buffalo City Schools PS #57, Buffalo, NY

“We’ve got nothing but great response from our six consortium schools.  They all love it!  They absolutely love it!”

Ms. Barbara GalganoEdith Winthrop Teacher Center
Hartsdale, NY

“The kids are absolutely loving Master Guru.  We are using it in our Title I A.I.S. Program and the kids are really tuning in.  They ask to play it all the time.  That’s all they talk about…The kids are limited with time in the classroom so this would be great for the home.”

Ms. Judy LearyDirector of Technology
Massena Central School District, Massena, NY

“Master Guru is great!  The kids love it.  They flock to the computers.  I am excited because I no longer having any down time; they are still learning and actively engaged.”

Ms. Sara Stoeckl – 3rd Grade Teacher
Windermere Elementary School, Amherst, NY

“My class loves playing Master Guru.  They even go on during free time or during lunch bunch! My class loved it last year too.”

Tammy Zaker - 3rd grade Teacher
Niagara Street School, Niagara Falls, NY

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