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About Master Guru Online

State Specific Curriculum Guide:

  • Contains all four subjects: ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies; not just one subject.
  • Covers Grades PreK - 8
  • Allows the teacher to customize the learning per student (Individualized Learning/Differentiated Instruction)
  • Teachers can have the program randomly select the questions being asked by clicking the “All Topics” at the top of each subject.
  • Teachers can also focus on one subcategory so that a concept can be reinforced.
  • Great feature for students who need extra help with certain categories (A.I.S. and R.T.I.). Subcategories are numbered for easy and fast instruction.
  • The curriculum guide is based on the State Learning Standards and Performance Indicators.
  • Great for home Schooling and test preparation at home!

Based on the State Standards:

  • Is specific to the State Curriculum; not just a general educational game.
  • Contains state specific history, map and geography questions.
  • Provides targeted support to classroom instruction.

Built in Student Tracking/Assessment Features and Printable Reports:

  • “Whole Class” reports give teachers a snapshot view as to how their overall class is performing in targeted areas of instruction.
  • “Student” reports give teachers a snapshot view as to how EACH student is performing in targeted areas of instruction.
  • The reports show the exact questions students answer correctly and which ones they answer incorrectly; identifying needed areas of extra study.
  • Questions in the reports link to teacher resources in NYLearns.org that offer instructional materials related to that targeted questions which, in turn, relates to a performance indicator.
  • The reports also show the date the questions were asked and from what subcategory the questions are being asked; do a daily, weekly, monthly or marking period analysis.
  • Each question has a unique identifier so that the teacher can easily tell if his/her class understands a concept.  If a report shows most of the students answering a certain numbered question incorrectly, this allows the teacher to cover that concept again.
  • Teachers can determine students’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • You can sort on the different columns to manipulate the data.
  • You can also filter and customize the report so that the teacher is getting the essential statistics he/she is evaluating; customize the data to suit your reporting needs.
  • Great for Academic Intervention Services (A.I.S.) and Response to Intervention (R.T.I.).
  • Export the data to produce charts and graphs via Microsoft Excel, etc.
  • Teachers and/or students can print the reports for tracking purposes.

Reports Link to Teacher Resources for Instructional Support:

  • In the “Class Performance” or the “Student Performance” reports, questions targeted by the reports filter are now linked to teacher resources in NYLearns.org.
  • This allows teachers to access instructional content that refers directly to the targeted question in the Master Guru reports, which, in turn, relates to a specific performance indicator.
  • Instructional content includes lesson plans, Smart Board activities, eBooks, documents and manuscripts, learning experiences, tutorials and assessment to name a few of the 26 types of content contained in NYLearns.org.

Teaching Answers Help Explain the Correct Answer:

  • Each question in grades 3-8 comes with a fact, definition, grammar rule, solution, or hint that helps explain why the answer correctly matches the question.
  • This is designed to help students learn the curriculum more in-depth and not just regurgitate facts.
  • The program ties in many critical thinking skills type of questions: listening passages, reading passages, Venn diagrams, state specific maps, charts, graphs, analogies, sequencing and classification, logical reasoning, knowledge of genre, fact/opinion, pattern recognition, compare and contrast, cause/effect, and many, many more.

Teachers Can Add Their Own Customized Questions:

  • Teachers have the ability to add their own questions to the program.
  • Great for adding local and state history knowledge or additional questions to reinforce concepts.

Character Education Questions Included:

  • Encourages personal character development, reinforcing: respect, responsibility, citizenship, caring, self-reliance, trustworthiness, fairness, honesty, open-mindedness.
  • There are approximately 25% of the questions that comes with a "Character Matters" tip that helps reinforce positive character traits: respect, responsibility, fairness, honesty, etc.
  • The character education tips are woven in the four different subject areas so that there is a seamless integration.The questions were developed by EPIC: Every Person Influences Children, a national non-profit organization founded to help adults learn about better parenting skills to help their children grow up to be responsible adults. Part of this mission is to help teach children the fundamentals of positive character traits.
  • Master Guru does this in a fun way.
  • Questions are melded into the four core subjects so there is a seamless integration of Character Education.

Health and Wellness Questions Infused:

  • Health and Wellness questions are sprinkles throughout the science section to help promote the fight against childhood obesity.
  • Students learn about good nutrition and healthy exercise options along with specific functions of the human body.

Students Enjoy Playing Master Guru:

For the Master Guru Classic Version:

  • Step 1: Student clicks on the “Go” button then the “Stop” button to have the program randomly select a question in one of the four subject areas.
  • Step 2: The Guru character advances to the appropriate position on the Hall of Gurus game board.
  • Step 3: Answer the question correctly from the subject area selected and receive a chip.
  • Step 4: Collect all 4 colored chips at Level 1 then move up to Level 2. Follow the same steps at Level 2 and Level 3 until you reach the Hall of Gurus. Try and make it on the Top 10 List in the Hall of Gurus.
  • Programmed in a fun, unique format that encourages students to learn; not just another dry textbook or workbook.
  • Empowers students to engage in their education.
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem.
For the Master Guru Quiz Show:

  • Simply click on the point value under the subject area that you wish to choose.
  • Answer the question correctly and receive the amount of points that question is worth; answer incorrectly and get points take off for that question value.
  • Programmed in a fun, unique format that encourages students to learn; not just another dry textbook or workbook.
  • Empowers students to engage in their education.
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem.
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